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Education - Definition and Importance


Education - Definition and Importance

Education is one of the most important parts of an individual. Education is the thing which gives knowledge and growth to an individual's life. There is a famous Phrase in Hindi that is “Padhega India tabhi to Badhega India “. This phrase denotes the importance of education for the country and for its growth & a country's growth is totally dependent on the growth of its citizens. Therefore, Education is one of the most prominent parts of the growth of an individual and for its country.

What is Education ?

Education is an act of gaining knowledge through teaching or receiving from anyone. It is an activity which aims at imparting knowledge , character traits and fostering skills to an individual.

There could be three types of education:

Formal Education : It is basically a structured system of education which we can call schools, institutions , colleges and so on .This is the place where personalized training is being provided to the individuals.

Informal Education: It is basically a system which we know is a lifelong process. We all know that a person gets a lot of knowledge through their parents and through their phases in life. Life itself teaches a lot of things that are known as informal education.

Non- Formal Education : It is basically a system where a person can grab his/her education outside the structured formal education system such as community education, lifelong education and so on.

A person can grab its education from anywhere but it is important for the one to grab it.

Importance of Education:

We always see parents forcing their young child to go to school for education and they cry but they send them. We all know why they do that because it is important for their life , for their life journey ,for their life growth.

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The most important reasons for me are:

  • Growth and development for life
  • Provides us the exposure to earn and achieve great heights in our life
  • Helps in earning monetary benefits
  • Helps in understanding aspects of life
  • Boosts our confidence
  • Helps us to survive in every situation
  • Helps in reducing poverty
  • Helps in connecting across the globe
  • Helps in good communication

There are a lot more benefits associated with education. Therefore, it is one of the most important part of life.


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